Thursday, 11 June 2009

Glasto to be cancelled..Supposidly

The Guardian has now pitched in as my least favourite newspaper (a position previously held by The Daily Mail) after it published this ridiculous article..
Here's a section of it:

'Glastonbury festival organisers have revealed that the recent outbreak of swine flu may result in the cancellation of the festival should the virus reach the level of a pandemic. A spokesman for the festival confirmed that emergency talks are being held to discuss the best way to manage the situation should the outbreak worsen ahead of the 137,500-capacity event in June.'

I believe the actual situation to be more like this:

Yesterday two construction workers currently building the pyramid stage for this years Glastonbury festival joked over a cuppa about the festival being cancelled 'cuzz'a this pig flu thing thats happenin in spain or summin'. Later a journalist was told by a man walking his dog past the festival site that his wife got told at book group that 'Glastonbury popular music festival' might have to be cancelled because of all those sick people.

so im not too worried... although i may end up eating my words.. we shall see.

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