Sunday, 26 July 2009

Cameras a bit broken..

But life's still seriously good, went down to JB Ski today and shot the Nationals, congratulations to CK who took out the open men's. Unfortunately the usb port on my cameras broken so i cant get any of the photos off onto the computer, so ive ordered an CF to Usb from hong kong which should be here soon. So im afraid no photos from it just yet.
But the sun is out (sometimes) and yesterday i set out on a 2 and half hour walk to get home from a mates house, and managed to cut it down to 45 minutes because of the wonder that is hitch hiking... and its almost Boardmasters. And maybe even a Newquay trip this Wednesday with Weverson the Brazilian surfing machine from Bournemouth, as its looking classic. But we'll see.
One from Kernow.

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