Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Part of a revolution..

Everyone loves and respects pioneers- and that's why they respect the photographers and journalists who were part of the revolution to. The surfing revolution, the skating revolution, every photographer wants to be on the front line, documenting something that hasn't been documented before, that's why everyone has so much respect for guys like Craig Stecyk, and more current guys like Mickey Smith- who's documenting and has been for a little while the explosion of big wave surfing in Ireland, people documenting up and coming sports like Sim Bradley, editor and photographer for Alliance wakeboard mag, whos at the forefront of the Wakeskating movement, for want of a better word. So when i hear that the reef at Boscombe is now breaking and being ridden, all i want to do is grab my camera, jump on a train and just go shoot it. I know its small, and nothing compared to what Craig Stecyk and the aforementioned are doing, but it still feels nice to be part of something new.
Here is the first ever photo of someone riding the reef (its local surfer Joe Hart), its not a great photo but i think it represents the start of something pretty special.

Photos from the reef coming soon.

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