Monday, 27 June 2011


Absolutely incredible as ever, and the 5 year old little kodak digi I borrowed in the end managed to do an alright job. Here's a few;

20:56- Wednesday, view from the park hill, out over about a third of the fest site.
00:46- Friday, Cube henge.
6:31- Friday, Sunrise burning off some cloud.

01:16- Saturday, Arcadia.

22:04- Saturday, Leaving stone circle.

04:13- Sunday, Quite possible the highlight, Shy FX at Shangri-la

So that's it for another two years now, which I'm pretty gutted about, because even now, after three years, there's still places on the site I haven't been or seen enough of. S'pose that's the beauty of it though, so I'm going to keep going until my knee's give in... because I do reckon it might be a bit tough with bad knees.
Check back soon, this blog will be coming out of its spring hibernation soon.

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