Monday, 21 November 2011

Mundaka ya bitch..

I've always known Mundaka was a tricky bitch to score, But so far getting it good has been like trying to crack on a teetotal chastity belt wearing Moremon. So many factors have to come together to be in with a chance of getting a decent shot of her at her best. First and foremost you need a decent sized, clean groundswell from the NW, coupled with the right wind, and then of course a very specific state of the tide, which so far has fallen at a pretty inconvenient time, either when its dark or just about to get dark . As if these weren't enough, getting a good shot also involves having good light and a decent angle, be it from the water, or from the land. The trouble is the entry point for water shooting is about 35 minutes drive away from what I reckon is the best land angle (or 10 from a shitty one where you don't get any of the amazing scenery that surrounds the wave in). This means not only do you have to be super decisive, and commit to either water or land shooting, you also have to be pretty good at planning or you could end up spending the short window of perfection driving through rather dull Spanish towns. However the swell looks good for the next couple days, and because of the tide, that means three days of dawnys, and hoping that the sun comes out before the tide gets too high. So com'on Mundaka, lets see it. Check back soon x

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