Friday, 11 November 2011

Peniche In Photos

Raoni Monteiro tucked up in a perfect barrel at the end of the first day of competition.

Taj Burrow styling it through a sunny left.
Damo Hobgood lining up.
The female fan in the blue jeans was extremely excited to be meeting Julian Wilson...
Mick Fanning racing through the inside.
Unlike in Hossegor, you only have to drive a few miles from the contest site to experience a bit of rustic local culture, here is a roadside meeting point in a small agricultural village near Peniche.
Pat Gudauskas on a backwashy one.

Micheal Bourez getting slotted on a perfect a-frame on the final day of competition.
Tom Lowe lining up on a hairy peak next to the contest area.
Kelly pulling in.
A perfect left going un-ridden at Consolacao
Adriano De Souza's 10 point ride in the Quaters
Adriano stroking the roof on the way to his win.
After all that shit with Kelly, Adriano holding up his trophy.
Painting shadows?
Mental Consolacao left on the day the whole of Europe lit up
Jadson Andre throwing a massive air reverse at Mohlo Leste
One of the reasons I don't do a lot of documentary photography is because I think you can sometimes look a bit silly while doing so, and although this is in no way a sufficient reason not to do it, I always do try to avoid looking like a dick in foreign countries, when standing next to my van with a big GB sticker on the back, for the pride of Britian if not my own. However I figured since there was stuff worth shooting I'd go for it. After shooting this photo in the morning, a Welsh fellow came up to me in the car park at Lagide, and said "Me and the missus saw you taking photos of some bins earlier, and I was like, whats he taking a photos of bins for and me missus said you must be a photography student and I said yea, but whys he taking a photo of bins" and instead of explaining to him that I was in fact taking a photo of the lions head that sat sculpted in the wall above the bins, in an attempt to present the idea of how traditional, ornate architecture can often be impeded by bleak objects installed by institutions or the local council, I simply laughed, went a bit red and said.. "ahh no no, it wasn't of the bins.. I feel like a bit of a twat now."
Consolacao lefts line up, its bigger than it looks, see below.
The inside barrel section at Consolacao lefts.
Dylan Graves getting spat out of a foamy one on a tricky day at Supertubes

Uknown surfer on a huge foamy one at Supertubes
Small clean day at Supers.
Sunset over Peniche.
Arrived in Spain a couple days ago and already checked out Sopelana, where the standard of surfing is amazingly high, and the backdrop is sick, so really excited to try score that in the next couple of weeks, however currently at Mundaka, with my fingers crossed for a good swell sometime soon. Watch this space.

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