Sunday, 4 March 2012

Yes TB

Stoked that Taj's smooth tech-ers prevailed over Adriano's gammy small wave surfing that the judges usually seem to love so much. His win over Kolohe in round 3 was a farce. Don't know what the judges were thinking, think they got Adriano's and Kolohe's second waves mixed up score wise. Hard to be too perplexed by it as off to Indo tomorrow night and still haven't packed. I'm not one one of those people who have leaving packing to the last minute as a super cool affectation, and will subsequently not be putting it as my status on FB, its just the only vaguely note worthy things about my pre-travel arrangements and I felt like something was missing. I also get to spend 12 hours in Bangkok airport... Fortunately I am traveling with a female, avoiding what would certainly be 12 hours of asking a male travel buddy where exactly we were before smacking him in the crotch on his re-post (and vice-versa) in both a display that would re-instate my already firmly established masculinity, as well as entering us into an amusing game of testicular torsion russian roulette that would almost certainly make the time pass quicker.

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