Friday, 4 May 2012

Lombok and Gilli T in photos..

Aside from their often violent hatred for dogs and their disdain for unmarried couples (which caused my girlfriend to receive a slap on the arm from a local as we mopeded through her village) the Lombokians are a lovely people, occupying an even nicer Island. Here's some photos from Lombok and the largest of its teardrop Islands Gilli T:

John Elderidge from Cornwall, possible the only British surfer in the lineup that day, showing the Aussies Yanks and Brazos how its done on a big single fin.

Two forest workers in Tetebatu share a joke over their coffee break.
On entry to the forest we had a guide forced upon us, who proceeded to take £7 quid off and then walk in front of us along the path, saying very little. He did however tell us when we got to the waterfall that he would often hide in the bushes and wait for locals couples, who would sneak away from the villiage and come to the waterfall to 'make jiggy jig', and when they were finished he would jump out of his hiding place (not before he had taken in the whole show, as he claimed it was much better than the video) and demand money from the poor startled couple telling them that if they did not pay up he would take them to their parents, and they would be forced to marry. A seemingly very lucrative business venture he was extremely proud of. So when we'd finished seeing the waterfall we ditched him and headed off into the forest by ourselves. After about 30 minutes of walking we came across two large packs of grey and black monkeys, who although a little weary of our presents, stuck around long enough to get some photos. Pictured here is the Javan Lutung head honcho.

Young Frenchman Dimitri Ouvre surfed incredible for the whole swell, reading the wave perfectly and getting some incredible long barrels.

Stormy sea in Gilli T. My girlfriend is always complaining shes never mentioned on this blog, so I though I'd not only post this shot of her, but also include it in the banner.

An unknow surfer threads through a super shallow barrel at low tide.

Starry sky in Tetebatu.

Dimitri Ouvre again, taking a big guage out of a low tide wall.
A grey monkey weary of our presence.

Powering through another shallow low tide shack.

A horse and cart in Gilli T, where there are no cars, police or mopeds and its just these and push bikes which is sick.If I had to make two criticisms they would be far too much Adele and too much sit down dancing. Adele, which I think sounds like a cross between a family friends kids piano recital, which she is forced to play and you are forced to listen to, and a fat girl sat behind you on the train whinging on and on to one of her mates about yet another (inevitable) break up, is played non stop on the island. There is also far too much sit down dancing.. bopping, or head swinging, often accompanied by a pout or casual mouthing of the words, which is frankly an assault on the eyes and the cringe glands.

In Gilli T they have no freshwater supply, so they have to shower in salt water, which means when it starts pissing it down with freshwater rain, they all start frothing and dancing around in the street and showering under drainpipes. Had just drunk a mushy shake when this storm came and ended up joining these boys in a fresh water shower, spin out.

Unknown tucking in below sea level..

A storm moving in from Lombok.

Perfect empty one reels down the reef.

Gilli T.

Another unknown surfer lining up.

Off the top near Kuta Lombok.

A family of black monkeys keeping an eye on us.
Photos from Bali coming soon. Check back x

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